The Vocal Workout singing school offers world-class voice coaching and vocal lessons in New York City and Los Angeles. Designed by celebrity vocal trainer ILana Martin, The Vocal Workout singing school quickly and effectively helps students achieve unique and radio-ready Pop/R&B sounds.

As Martin’s clientele grew, The Vocal Workout became a renowned resource for quality vocal lessons for professional singers. Her team of Vocal Workout coaches are best known for their dedication, compassion, and call-response improvisation sessions with students.

The Vocal Workout client roster has included P. Diddy, Sean Garrett, Stereo Crowd, Jake Troth, Earthdriver, Justine Skye, and many others. Based on her work with singers internationally, New York City to Los Angeles, Martin built The Vocal Workout Method around the holistic concept of three-dimensional voice strengthening for range, delivery, and style.

The voice is nature’s instrument. It is vital to take the proper steps to maintain a free flowing sound. It is our mission to produce strong and fearless singers who perform on a professional level.

The Vocal Workout curriculum includes the crucial and unique teachings of holistic vocal health. When a client walks into The Vocal Workout classroom for the first time, they are immediately introduced to a different way of learning about the voice.

The Vocal Workout acknowledges the need for the entire body to be physically, mentally, and emotionally strong in order for the voice to resonate properly. The holistic method activates core muscles in order to give vocalists the strength to safely perform on stage and maintain their instrument. We also advise our students in vocal rehearsal practices, performance preparation, and vocal maintenance.

At The Vocal Workout, we focus on vocal development in the Soul genres such as Pop/Rock R&B, Rock and Gospel. The Vocal Workout is the only school to have a unique methodology and curriculum used to instruct our students in how to develop a soulful sound.

It is our mission to produce strong and fearless singers who perform on a professional level.

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I am amazed. I look back on what I used to sound like, it’s not even the same person.Nadine Michel
I am learning so much with the VWSS that this is by far one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far. You are providing the opportunity to and for others, and thank you for telling me to ‘trust’.Sakeria Williams
Maria is amazing. She has made realize my potential and helped me bring it forth in an original and wonderful way. I look forward to every lesson.Tami

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