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“Vocal Workout is not just a singing school. It is a philosophy, a way of life, an enlightening, transformational learning journey that guides its clients to the land of constant breakthroughs.”Farrah Sabado
“I am amazed. I look back on what I used to sound like, it’s not even the same person.”Nadine M
“Omg omg omg. Wait till u hear my voice (even with a cold). Thank you thank you thank you!”Cynthia Basinet
“The concepts at the Vocal Workout are amazing. I have never had things broken down to me the way it was during my first six lessons, and I have added nearly an octave to my formerly ailing vocal range. I feel so lucky to have been recommended by a friend to study here.”Michael White
“There is no better experience than the one earned at Vocal Workout.”Leidi Pena
ILana is an incredibly generous and organized teacher, and she’s got a free spirit. She has an extensive knowledge of the music industry and is committed to the mastery of her craft. She is a brilliant songwriter.Yutaka Pianing
I have never had more fun, singing in any situation, in my life. The Vocal Workout is a total blast and extremely transformational.Victoria Eastman

Holistic Vocal Methodology

Voice Methodology 

The Vocal Workout utilizes holistic vocal methodology. Designed by owner/founder ILana Martin, our method expresses the need for the body to be physically, mentally, and spiritually whole in order to bring out the best sound. Using a core foundation of diaphragmatic breath control, the intense awareness of vocal placement in a unique bonding method allows the whole voice instrument to resonate.

“It’s Me – Singing”  

The Vocal Workout celebrates the beauty and diversity of its company origins, with a client roster that’s included Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Sean Garrett, Justine Skye, Stereo Crowd, Jake Troth, Earthdriver, Shae Fiol, and many other notable gospel and jazz music artists.

Vocal Lesson Studio Vocal lesson Studio

The Vocal Workout is a boutique, holistic vocal training studio for singers in NYC, LA, and worldwide.  Teachers from around the United States wait up to a year to be entered into our Vocal Teacher Training program.

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The Vocal Workout Method is the most intensive, efficient way to rapidly cultivate vocal control, power, and style for pop, soul, jazz, r&b, and gospel singing, all while receiving expert guidance for career-building as an artist.    VW Logo Faded

Singing Lessons NYC

vThe Best Singing Lessons In NYC – What To Look For

Voice Lessons NYC

Are you in search of the best singing lessons in New York City? Well, you are in luck because the Vocal Workout School is the best there is. Here, you can receive the best vocal coaching in both New York and LA. The vocal lessons taught here were crafted by Ilana Martin, a world renowned voice trainer. By going to this school, you can achieve the most unique and marketable voice there is.

Vocal Lessons NYC

If you are looking to become an exceptionally good singer, you need to hire the best vocal instructor who can boost your confidence accordingly. Below are some of the reasons why it’s important to hire a good vocal instructor as well as attend an exceptional singing school.

1. Receive The Best Singing Lessons

If you are looking for the best school for singing lessons, you need to find choose only the best. At The Vocal Workout, you will receive exactly that. Famous singers who have passed through the school include Sean Garett, P. Diddy, Stereo Crowd, Jake Troth and many more. Who knows! You could be the next singing sensation to come out of the school.

Vocal Coach NYC

2. Exceptional Vocal Coaches

Do lots of research on all the options available to make sure you have the best vocal coach for the job. Well, you will never run short of vocal coaches because there are plenty to choose from. If you choose to enroll at the Vocal Workout, you will be working hand in hand with Ilana Martin, one of the best vocal coaches around.

Make sure the candidate you choose has enough experience teaching singing lessons. If you take an example of Ilana Martin, you can rest assured that you are getting nothing but the best. She has brought up too many new talented singer and she can do the same for you!

3. Great Voice Instructor

Don’t forget to look for a voice instructor as well. He/she should be able to identify your specific niche and motivate you to become great at it. Each singer has his/her own unique sound and that’s why it’s important to tap into it. With an exceptional voice instructor, you can identify your niche and develop your singing talents accordingly.

4. Regular Practice

If you are aspiring to become a great singer, you can’t underestimate the importance of singing lessons. However, if you want to be really good at it, you need to practice regularly. You need to be very dedicated and do everything possible to become an exceptional singer. Even the greatest singers of all time had to practice and still do it to achieve perfection.

Vocal Classes NYC

You need to understand and take the required time to learn all the fundamentals of singing in order to apply them. Don’t despair when the instructors are very critical. They are simply trying to make you better than you are. Of course, you need to find singing lessons that excavate your unique sound. Don’t settle for just any class but rather find the one that’s most suitable to you.

Voice Lessons New York City

5. Taking Care Of Your Voice

Once you have hired an exceptional voice coach to help with your singing lessons, you are on your way to identifying your unique sound. Of course, after you have tamed it, you need to also learn how to take good care of it. Don’t stress yourself with very high notes or low notes that can harm your vocal chords. Also, don’t shout or speak loudly, especially before any singing session. There are also some foods that you should stay away from to make sure that your voice is always crisp and clear on any given day. A good vocal instructor should be able to teach you all this without any hesitation.

Vocal Coaching NYC

6. Experienced Vocal Instructors

Voice Coaching NYC

So, why are you looking to enroll in The Vocal Workout? Besides getting a chance of working alongside Ilana Martin, most people are looking for the experienced vocal instructors. If you are relatively new in the singing world, you can understand how frustrating it is to come across self-proclaimed ‘vocal coaches’.

Singing Lessons New York City

Evidently, you will end up paying lots of money yet you are not receiving quality education from the so called individuals. However, if you take your time to choose the best and most experienced vocal instructors, you can guarantee that you are actually getting a bang for your buck. Note that, most singing lessons don’t come very cheap and rather than wasting your money, you should invest in an experienced vocal coach for the best results.

7. Reputable Vocal Coaches

Renowned vocal coaches like Ilana Martin have been around for years and that’s why she has a very good reputation in the community. Therefore, if you are looking for the best vocal instructor, you should make sure that he/she has a good reputation in the community. Remember, the most reputable singing coaches have lots of experience especially from being around for many years.

Vocal Lessons New York City

Of course, the best way to test the reputation of a particular vocal coach, you can always look through the website and read any reviews from previous customers. If most of the reviews are positive, you can rest assured that he/she is a good teacher. Also, you can ask for references to previous clients. Contact them and inquire about their experience with that particular voice teacher. If everything checks out, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Vocal Coach New York City

8. Complete Educational Requirements And Certifications

As mentioned above, when you are in search for a good vocal teacher, you are likely to come across self-named vocal coaches. If you take a good look at their backgrounds, you will find that they don’t have enough qualifications to teach any singing lessons. Even worse, you will find that they were probably voted out of any of the millions of singing competitions on TV and thereafter decided to start offering singing lessons.

Best Singing Lessons NYC

Well, you can rest assured that such individuals will not improve your voice. Rather, they will make the same mistakes, waste your time and also your money. Therefore, if you want the best vocal coach, you need to look for someone who has a degree in music, has successfully released a few albums/songs in the market and has the necessary certifications required to become a musical teacher. That’s why you need to do lots of research before settling for any candidate out there.

9. Reliable Vocal Coaches

It’s quite disheartening to pay for singing lessons only for the coach to always show up late or not at all. Eventually, you will notice that it’s just your money going down the drain. Of course, you can always choose a vocal coach who provides individual lessons or group lessons depending on your preferences. However, his/her reliability is what matters most.

For instance, he/she should always show up on time and provide relevant lessons. Note that, it’s pretty hard to teach singing lessons to individuals. There is bound to be a lot of repetition. In simple words, there is no structured syllabus on what to teach. However, a reliable vocal coach should always be able to come up with new topics that improve each student’s singing voice without any compromise.

10. Perfect Understanding Of The Anatomy

During singing lessons, you will often hear the vocal coach say that you should sing from your diaphragm and not your nose. Well, it might sound weird if you don’t know how it’s possible to do that. However, a vocal coach with a perfect understanding of the body’s anatomy will understand where the singer’s unique voice should come from.

During your search for the best singing lessons, you are likely to come across vocal coaches without any idea on what part of the body your voice should emanate from. Most of these vocal coaches might have learned from YouTube videos or are just making things up as they go. Therefore, you can challenge them by asking the benefits of singing from a particular part of your body. If they are dumbfounded, you need to move on and find a teacher that actually knows what he/she is teaching.

11. Warm And Engaging Personality

Yes, you should expect your vocal coaches to be strict and critical at first. However, with time, as your singing gets better, they might start warming up to you. At first, it might be quite stressful to work with a person who has a bad attitude. It might make you tense up inside thereby affecting your lessons altogether.

On the other hand, there are some vocal coaches who might be too soft which forces you to relax and you never learn anything. If possible, choose a vocal coach who has a little of both sides. He/she should be able to present a warm and engaging personality when need be. Also he/she should not be afraid to criticize you when you have done something wrong.

On that note, you will not have time to rest. Rather, you will always be on the edge of your seat wondering if you are actually singing something correctly or not. Note that, vocal coaches who are too harsh on you might drive away your motivation for singing. That’s why the warm personality comes in handy. You need to be able to connect with this individual on a personal level.

12. Customized Curriculum

As mentioned above, every individual has their own unique sound that’s need to be identified. If you are learning in a class full of people and the teacher doesn’t take the time to personalize your lessons, you are probably in the wrong place. Some vocal coaches are always looking to pocket money from their clients without every dispatching any useful information.

Basically, they recycle old lessons over and over until the subject matter is completely corroded. Well, if you want the best singing lessons in NYC, you need to find a vocal coach who provides you with individualized or customized singing lessons. Of course, it might be difficult for the teacher to cater to all the students, especially if he/she is handling a really huge class. If he/she spares sometime to cater to each student specifically, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality of singing lessons.

Singing Lessons in LA

LA singing lessons

13. Proper Scheduling

If you are looking to become a singer but your day job doesn’t allow you to take full time singing lessons, you can enroll for the part-time classes. However, you should be cautious about vocal coaches who are out to take your money without providing any lessons whatsoever. For instance, he/she might schedule your lessons on a specific time when you are not available.

That can be quite disappointing especially if you have paid for all the classes as a lump sum. Basically, all your money is being wasted due to scheduling conflicts. Well, you should know that a good vocal coach would never do that to you. He/she will communicate prior to identify the time when you are both free and for how long. Next, he/she will plan for the lesson accordingly to avoid any conflicts.

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Best Online Singing Lessons

14. Caring Attitude

Singing Lessons San Francisco

nyc vocal coachIf you are looking to become an exceptional singer in order to secure your financial freedom, you should look for a vocal coach who has the same beliefs as you. He/she should be supportive and caring in order to provide the best quality of all singing lessons. If he/she doesn’t care about why you are taking the lessons, then you are doomed. That’s because you will receive watered down lessons that will not help you in any way.

Best Singing Lessons New Orleans

15. Show Enthusiasm And Energy

Most vocal coaches were formally singers or still singers looking to share their passions with new talent. On that note, you should look for a vocal coach who is ready to teach you with enthusiasm and energy. If all the classes are boring and monotonous, you will most likely drop out. A teacher who is passionate about his/her work will share the same passion with you!

Thank you for considering us for the best vocal singing and coaching lessons in New York City, NYC, San Franscisco, New Orleans, Chicago and Dallas.

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