Vocal Workout Private Lessons are designed specifically to unleash the natural singer within each of our students.

Our expert instructors will train your musical ear and expand your artistic ability.

They will coach you toward uncovering your own unique voice so you can share your story in a truly soulful way. You will come away with increased vocal power and range, and with a mastery of voice dynamics, advanced body breathing, and singing with pro placement.  With this holistic approach to singing, you will exhibit more freedom in your voice with greater dynamics and pliability, and with a fortified vocal fitness. You will leave ready to create gorgeous, compelling records and perform enthralling concerts in musical styles such as R&B, Soul, Gospel, Rock, and Pop.

Gain power and efficiency while unlocking your innate talent.  It’s time to take your singing to the next level. Call us to audition for one of our private lessons today.

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