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The Vocal Workout Method offers a proven, specialized approach to singing lessons in Pop/Rock, Soul, R&B, Jazz, and Gospel styles. The method used to teach Soul vocals is different than the method used for classical voice. Our method couples the instruction of soul singing with holistic vocal care so that our students can sing with power.

Built from a core foundation of diaphragmatic breath control and intense awareness of vocal placement, a Vocal Workout class combines breath, alignment, technique and repetition. This unique bonding method allows the whole body to resonate. Voice coaches guide singing reflexes to the body’s autopilot reflex channel, the most inward part of our muscle memory, until they become natural.

Our method focuses on three layers: Soul Tradition, Vocal Style, and Holistic Technique.


Radio-Ready Soul Tradition

The Vocal Workout is the predominant vocal school for developing soul singing. The powerful method behind teaching soul vocals derives from the Black American experience, starting from the rich gospel sounds of the Baptist Church tradition and extending its lineage to the shores of Africa. These techniques, used to achieve such a rich sound, are coupled with the story within each lyric. Therefore, the method needed to learn how to sing the Soul genre is surprisingly different than the method used for classical voice. As classically trained vocalists struggle to achieve a radio ready sound, Soul singers utilize a different technique that comes from within. The Vocal Workout Method utilizes African vocal breathing techniques and foundation (from the Yoruba culture) that have been passed down through generations of soul singers.

“At The Vocal Workout, these voice teachers – they teach and they also care.”  

“They are passionate, dedicated people, who can sing circles around all the students themselves.

I have had a blast learning more about my own creativity and unique abilities.”

-Afua Addo

Vocal Workout School

The essence of soul singing derives from an individual’s personal story and willingness to share experiences through song. It is tribal. Therefore, we encourage the self expression of our students through their own distinct vocal articulation. We work with our clients to own the lyrics of a song by exploring small dynamic changes in volume, melodic license, and rhythmic interpretation to express their unique life experience through their vocal delivery.

Vocal Style Cabinet

Singing freely and effortlessly is a skill and a joy to which our voice lessons firmly attune. A unique signature sound is ideal to achieve the best radio ready voice. With this in mind, an essential element of The Vocal Workout Method is the instruction of Style Technique. Outside of the lesson setting, recording singing lessons, recording sessions, and live preformances is the harbinger of our technique. 

Individuality and style is instrumental in the success of the soul vocalist. The vocal artist will learn to enchant an audience with skill and finesse coupled with signature runs, riffs and embellishments known as The Style Cabinet. Vocal Workout instructors are well versed in advising students in the area of song choice, image, and delivery. 

Holistic Technique In The Method

Vocal Workout Method NotesTaught in a series of private lesson sequences, our warm-up exercises challenge the voice. The Vocal Workout increases vocal range, building singer’s ability to hit every note with freedom and ease. In addition, holistic elements in our method activate core muscles in order to give our students the strength to safely perform on stage. Our skilled instructors are masterful. We read the body to find places of tension, strain, and inauthenticity. Our coaches provide students with tools for a more integrated production of sound as well as guidance on how to properly care for the voice.


“We are Fearless.”