Private Voice Lessons

The Vocal Workout training facility i the best place for the instruction of Pop/Rock, R&B, and Gospel . Over the past two decades, our studio has achieved radio-ready sound, with multiple #1 rankings on Billboard charts. The Vocal Workout has developed a method for students to achieve success.

New York Vocal CoachingPhilosophy of the Voice Method

The Vocal Workout Method builds knowledge of the body into the  singing voice. Then, the singer is then taught to coordinate octave jumps, tonal shifts, responsive time, and dynamics. The mind, body, and spirit open up to an ability to sing. The method allows for a spectacular private lesson. It prepares a singer’s mind to design and perform.

And, technicality is important when it comes to shaping the voice. But, it is key that our students find their own voices. At The Vocal Workout, we celebrate the individuality of each student and work to strengthen his or her unique sound.  Our students maintain their individual style. Our vocal trainers help students increase range in their vocal instruments. They teach the use of relaxed postural alignment, dynamic direction of the voice, mouth placement, and breath control. This creates a clear flow of sound. Music is a universal language, and it starts with the voice.

Holistic Care

Vocal Workout Singing SchoolThe Vocal Workout is the first in the field of holistic voice care. The natural approach teaches directly from our founder and is based upon science. It is our philosophy that students’ voices stay healthy and are able to enjoy a lasting career. As students attend, they understand The Vocal Workout. Our instruction and exercises focus on healthy singing habits for the singer’s mind through posture, healthy breathing, and vocal warm-ups. As we train vocalists who tour the world singing, we ensure that we provide the best voice care possible.

The Human Voiceprint

The Human Voiceprint Philosophy bases on acoustic science, crafted in the body of the instrument to produce amazing sound quality. What makes audiences experience The Vocal Workout voice in a different way is the delivery of the Art of Soul.

The listener is transformed by the range of emotions. Furthermore, listeners go into a trance by the view of another human soul. A singer has a one-of-a-kind tone, much like a fingerprint. And, this is unlike any other voice on this earth. The voice is heartfelt.

Vocal Workout Singing School

A Singer’s Mind                    

Singing is a combination of vocal warm-ups and fitness. A vocal trainer from The Vocal Workout coaches from the heart, and gives invaluable information to each vocal client. Experience for yourself the aura of “It’s me – singing.”