2016 Oscar Nominees

Feb 28, 2016

With the Grammy’s already behind us, the next thing on the award season agenda is the Academy Awards. With 8 standout films nominated for Best Picture from various genres, the winner could be anyone. As with any award ceremony we will be excited to see who wins, who performs, and who is best dressed.

The excitement is buzzing about the awards, but it seems this year’s Oscars are drawing more focus to what is missing. The nominations can’t be discussed without talking about the resurgence of the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag. Where is the diversity this year? Many professionals in the business have stood out against this year’s awards, feeling frustrated and confused. Fans are also majorly concerned, as their favorite stars are being left on the sidelines. Does the fault lie with the Academy or the industry itself? What kind of changes can be made to ensure more equality in next year’s award season?