Congratulations, you have arrived in the world as a working vocalist! It took a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and time to get to where you are today. Working artists are people of ambition. Most likely, you are never satisfied with where you are and are always striving for that next level of success, sometimes at whatever cost. How many countless all-nighters have you pulled at the studio or an event just to further your career? Probably too many to count. Like you, most artists are so focused on limelight that they don’t realize that overexertion is working against them. Think about it, wouldn’t it be a shame if something happened to your voice and you had to take an extended break or stop living your dream all together? Of course it would!

The good news is that you can prevent that from happening by implementing self-care into your daily routine. The following are five easy tips that successful vocalists can take into account on their quest to reaching their dreams.

Rest Your Instrument

Make sleep a priority! Know when you are overdoing it with your schedule, and let your team do some of your work for you. Excuse yourself early from social events after the show, knowing that you have to do it all over again tomorrow! It is so important to rest the muscles that work when you sing. The longer you intend to sing, the more you need that rest. You wouldn’t run long-distance on tired legs! Let your chords recoup. Use sleeping aids like eye blockers and ear plugs – otherwise, you’re singing on yesterday’s voice!

Drink Room-Temperature Water 

Cold water makes the larynx folds expand. We need 8-10 glasses of water anyway, but especially to keep the throat hydrated when you are in performance mode. When you don’t drink enough water, you can see your skin get dry on the surface. Realize that the same thing is happening internally when you aren’t constantly drinking that room-temp water!


Whoever said singing wasn’t a workout? When you sing with your fullest power, it requires your entire body to be engaged in the process. Allow at least 20 minutes a day to move your body, strengthening your core and warming up your body through cardio and Vocal Workout exercises which focus on the development of your singing muscles.


Choose your music team wisely! Make sure you always have the right level of musicians / MD / Producers backing you when performing live, so that you don’t end up straining your voice to be heard.


Make sure that you are totally rehearsed, rested, mentally prepared, and vocally warmed up before the show. Put in the work ahead of time, so that by the time the show rolls around, you can focus on giving it your all without a hint of anxiety about being unprepared. Even the best artists can acknowledge the difference it makes when they get the lessons they need ahead of time in order to avoid a last-minute scramble before the show.

Remember to take this five easy tips into account on your journey to success. Reaching your ultimate goal does not mean pushing yourself to the limit. You will burn out long before you even get there. If you want a healthy career that lasts a lifetime, you must be good to yourself by being good to your voice. The show can’t go on without it.