Adele: How to Overcome On-Stage Technical Difficulties

Feb 23, 2016

Adele’s was one of the most anticipated performances of the night. Everyone watching the Grammys looked forward to this big-voiced Brit to slay her performance of “All I Ask” off her record-breaking album, 25. Yet, Adele, who is known for her on-point vocals and performances, had to perform some on-the-spot troubleshooting. There were some obvious technical difficulties in her performance including an out-of-tune piano and faulty microphones. The result was that Adele was slightly off her usual game; she seemed anxious and distracted throughout her performance, even sounding slightly flat at some points. Any singer who has experienced the drama of live performance knows it is not the way to boost one’s confidence.

Slightly embarrassed by her performance, Adele took to Twitter saying, “The piano mics fell onto the piano strings. That’s what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. S— happens.” Knowing what went wrong, it is easy to see how this singer may have been thrown for a loop during the Grammy’s. Adele appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week discussing her performance and admitting she cried “pretty much all day” afterwards. In her beloved humor, Adele joked with Ellen saying “I’m usually pitchy anyways,” “I’m flat, I’m sharp, I’m just emotional!”

Adele sang her hit “All I Ask” again on The Ellen Show with seemingly no issues, completely “en-forme”. Considering all the obstacles she overcame in her Grammy’s performance, Adele comes out looking like even more of a champ than she already is. Technical difficulties happen to every performer at some point in their career, and performers should take note on what to do when difficulties arise.