Award Shows: What Do They Really Mean?

Mar 4, 2016

With all the buzz of award season, it’s hard not to get caught up in who won this and who won that. But what do award shows really mean? Is it just an excuse for the rich and famous to get dressed up? And of course we want to honor the winners, but every year there are remarkable artists whose work simply didn’t win an award. Does that make them any less worthy of our respect and our patronage?

Many winners joke about what they do with the award statues they receive, like creating mantelpieces and paperweights. So what does winning an award like a Grammy or Oscar really mean? Is it truly enough just to be nominated? Some artists see boosts in sales and publicity when they are included in the award shows, whether as a winner or nominee. Is any screen time beneficial?

All of these questions point back to us as consumers and members of the music lexicon. We love to discuss our favorite artists and those we love to hate. Award shows bring out that excitement in us viewers. But Is it a smart idea to set our standards of what’s good and bad based off of award shows? What do you think?