Heidi Merrill: Going Viral and How to Maximize Your Fan Base

Mar 3, 2016

Vocalist Heidi Merrill shows us her Nebraska roots with her new ad campaign. The song and video “Cornhusker Strong” shows off Merrill’s town as a bright, fun, down-home place. The lyrics describe her story, “homegrown and proud,” and raised “on real life.” The end of the song invites listeners to “holler if you hear me!” This effective tactic brings any listener into Merrill’s world, inviting us all to grab a beer and enjoy the Nebraska Huskers’ game.
Merrill seems to be after an important idea here, involving the people she knows look up to her and want to be on her “team.” Musicians can sometimes be in a different world than the listeners, the average person isn’t getting photographed on their way to the grocery store. What Merrill’s ad campaign and song do for her fans is to level the playing field. She loves her hometown community, football, and fun, just like all of her fans. Is the content of a song important to draw audiences in? Does this style of advertising appeal to all?