Justine Skye Debuts EP

Jan 24, 2014

On Monday night (Aug. 19) in New York City, journalists, bloggers and the like gathered at Philippe Chow, a restaurant located in Manhattan’s midtown area, to wine and dine to the sounds of Justine Skye’s ‘Everyday Living’ EP. At the tender age of 17, the Brooklyn-born songstress was inspired by ’90’s R&B for the project, however, she’s offering a new spin on the classic tunes.

Before diving into the seven-track EP, attendees were able to get a glimpse of Justine’s “everyday living” through a video. To help promote her debut effort, she hung out with several of her fans, traveled through New York City, ate candy and watched the premiere of the official video for ‘Everyday Living’ before anyone else.

Justine, who’s signed to Atlantic Records, is quite sure of herself and what she wants at just 17. On ‘Hard Work,’ the singer is firm and direct with the man she’s interested in. “Don’t you put on a show / If you keeping it real, I won’t have to leave you alone,” she coos.

Songs on ‘Everyday Living’ are produced by August Rigo and Eric Hudson. Who penned the tracks? The violet-haired vocalist. “Living on the edge of life, wondering when my time will arrive,” Justine sings on ‘No Sleep.’ It’s evident that her time will arrive soon enough, especially after hearing the tracks on her first EP. Alaska Gedeon, director of A&R at Atlantic Records, equates her sound as Aaliyah meets A$AP Rocky.

With all of the Aaliyah love and inspiration, Justine introduced the last song on the EP, a cover of the late singer’s ‘I Don’t Wanna.’ She takes a dark, futuristic approach on the classic track. This effort is Justine’s way of paying tribute to the one artist who inspired her to become the singer she is today.

Right before the listening session ended, everyone in the room toasted to Justine and her solid body of work, which debuts today.

-Via TheDrop.FM