Learn to Sing: How to Increase Your Range as an Actor

Feb 3, 2015

actor learning to sing woman perform act better how to sing if you are an actor

So you are an actor who is trying to make it in the big city. As you already know, the competition is thick and everyone is vying for the same roles. Almost the entire city is striving to be on Broadway, and so are you. So how to set yourself apart?

You need to differentiate yourself as much as possible.  In a world full of triple threats, how do you do it? You expand your horizons. In the field of acting it is important that you are also a strong singer. Being able to sing will make you an eligible candidate for a wider variety of plays and films.

What should you do first? Find a vocal coach who specializes in music as well as voice for theater. This coach will help you strengthen your voice technique for acting as well as singing. Once you start practicing your lessons on a daily basis you will notice your voice begin to grow.

Your vocal coach should also be able to help you in the audition process as it relates to singing. Soon you will that you will be eligible for new roles. If you commit yourself to strengthening your voice for song, who will be able to get parts that you would not have been able to before. As your resume grows, you will become more and more of a competitor. You will stand out amongst the others. You will achieve your dreams!