Loving Your Unique Voice

Mar 3, 2015

Think of all of the iconic vocalists with a recognizably unique sound such as Janelle Monae, Prince, Corinne Bailey Rae, Adele and Michael Jackson.  These vocalists stand out to us because of they have a unique viewpoint and aren’t shy about showing it to the world.  They also are strong artists and vocalists who embrace being different in their vocal control and sense of phrasing and timing.  Their unique vocal inflections bring a new angle out in the genres of the current radio landscape.  Using the art of vocal control, finesse and agility, these voices are some of the best contemporary hit-makers in modern pop culture.

Let your best vocal notes shine with individuality. The everyday audience is always embracing the freshest new sound.

Respect the qualities of your own unique sound and develop them. Call us to find a vocal coach that will help you to strengthen your voice while maintaining your originality. Before long, you will find that your voice is growing and you will begin to design your own vocal style to match.

Once you find your own voice style through vocal coaching and practice with the right vocal warm-ups, you will see yourself begin to truly flourish as an artist. When you put yourself out into the world, you will begin to notice the people that are attracted to your viewpoint and to your special radio-ready sound.  It should give audiences a new experience. This is why you should begin to love, care for and embrace your unique abilities!