Music as a Tool for Academic Success

Feb 14, 2015


Today the saddest aspect of our educational system is the act of cutting funding. When budgets are slashed, valuable teachers and programing are lost. Unfortunately the educators and courses that are cut first are music, performing and visual arts. The focus for success is unevenly distributed on courses that are considered common core. These courses are are math, science, english, and social studies.

What many of the administrators in the education system fail to realize is that music is an essential component of education. Not every student learns in the same way. There are three main types of learners: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Although students who are visual and auditory learners and are gifted in the math and sciences may excel without arts programing other students will begin to lag. This is usually more prominent amongst kinesthetic learners who retain most of what they learn through interaction and practicing what they learn.

The study of music incorporates every common core course and reinforces what is learned in the classroom. Music enhances knowledge of key concepts that your child will learn in school such as fractions and the science of sound. The practice of performing music will also help them to strengthen their stage presence during oral presentations. Not to mention the historical component of the arts that can be used to engage students in their social studies and history classes as well. The arts can literally be used to strengthen a student’s knowledge in every common core course that they will have to take.

Furthermore, it is critical that your young one receive a music and arts education. Every employer looks for creative thinkers to join their team. Not to mention there are valid careers in music, art, and design. There is a need for professional musicians to create the songs for commercials, radio and film. There is a need for visual artists to become architects, engineers and designers. If you are denying a child music and the arts, you are denying them their future. Let them dream, let them do, let them make music, let them create art, let them succeed.