New Artist: The Weeknd

Feb 28, 2016

The Weeknd opened his 2016 Grammy performance with “Can’t Feel My Face” in front of a bright LED lit set before slowing things down with an acoustic rendition of “In the Night.” This new artist shook things up scoring a total of seven nominations including Album of the Year and Record of the Year.

According to several sources Lauryn Hill, a featured singer on the hit “In the Night” was supposed to have made a surprise appearance during The Weeknd’s set. Rumors are flying around the web as to why Hill was a no-show. Many say her appearance was never confirmed, and there should have been no expectation for her to surprise the audience. It is also reported that there was a premature round of advertising that included Hill in the lineup of the Grammy performances, but those were pulled soon after their release.
Regardless of this mix-up, The Weeknd gave a professional and exciting medley at the Grammy’s.This R&B singer has taken the music world by storm and we’re excited to see what’s next in store for him. What did you think of The Weeknd’s stand alone performance? Was he able to hold his own?