New Release: Rihanna’s ANTI

Feb 28, 2016

Years in the making, Rihanna’s long awaited album, Anti, was released after being leaked on the internet on January 28, 2016. After being teased and Anticipated for months, the album was sure not to disappoint. This marks the end of a much needed break in the pop-star’s career as her last album was released in 2012. As her eighth studio album, it was worth the wait. This might just be Rihanna’s most compelling album yet with songs that capture a new side of Rihanna, one we have not yet seen with her usual chart-topping hits.

For a star who mostly produced pop and dance singles, Anti represents a cohesive whole. With darker, more personalized tastes, Anti gives Rihanna room to grow as an artist. Indulging in a personal style, this new album has come off as much more trap and alternative we expected. Critics have had difficulty placing the style of this album, as her deep R&B melodies mix with rhythmic verses and percussive beats, saying that a new term must be invented to describe it. She has breached a new level of experimental pop and hip-hop combined. What do you think about Rihanna’s branching out into darker genres? What can we expect next from her?