Quarantine and Voice Care

Dec 24, 2020

Although many people may act like quarantine is fully done, the pandemic is far from gone. Many countries have been seeing an increase of cases as the lockdown lifts before it should. Other countries are doing what they can in order to keep the numbers low, such as Paris going back into full lockdown. As the numbers rise, other countries are preparing to follow suit and do the same. One of the few good things quarantine has been to give people more time to self reflect and do things they love while they learn more about their authentic selves. This has been a great opportunity for singers to warm up and improve their voice while staying inside. With Vocal Workout offering online lessons, they can continue to improve their craft and let the music give them a moment of peace, even if it’s temporary. Singers aren’t the only ones turning to music in these dark times. Just about the entire population has reconnected with music to remind them of better days and elevate their mood.

Even though the media isn’t portraying it as often, protesting has continued, especially with another black man, Walter Wallace (27), being killed by the police. Wallace had some mental health issues and the police were called to help him calm down, but were unable to do so and unfortunately, shots were fired. He was caught holding a knife and looking distraught while his family begged the police to just talk to him. This added fuel to protestors and confirmed why they continue to march for change. This only added tension during election time. With Amy Coney Barrett being appointed as senate judge, people are now more determined to hire government who reflect different views. This fight is far from over, but it is very necessary. Regardless, the future does look bright and there’s still much hope left.

Girl holding poster about racism
People have taken to the streets in Manhattan, as well as all across the United States of America, spreading music and joy to brighten some spirits. Even online, people are creating live concerts and interacting more with fellow musicians and fans. If there’s anything that could bring people together, it is music! Turn on your favorite tunes, get into some comfy pajamas, FaceTime your friends and family, and remember to spread extra love during this time.