Recap On The 2018 Grammy Awards

Jan 29, 2018

The 60th annual Grammy Awards took place yesterday evening in New York City’s iconic venue, Madison Square Garden.

As to be expected, it was a memorable star-studded event filled with incredible fashion and music legends, but music was not the only focus this year. Explosive performances by artists like Kedrick Lamar, Kesha, Cardi B and Bruno Mars exceeded our expectations especially after the Grammys return to New York City after 15 years. These performances also touched on the political climate in the US with themes ranging from an American satire opening the show, to a “Time’s up” shout out  from Lady Gaga in reference to the #MeToo social movement.

The desire to pass on a message, that seems to be ever-present at large award shows, also polarized the vocal performances of the evening, resulting in powerful straight tones and singing with a purpose. Vocally, there was little innovation because the focus on messages took precedent to make a statement the perfect combination of artistic and mindful on the global stage.


Who was your favorite performance by, and who could have done better? Tell us what you thought about this year’s Grammys in the comments and on our social media.