Singing! A great way to bond with your child

Jan 31, 2015


Bonding Early

It is very important to bond with your child at an early age.  Are you looking for ways to spend quality time with your child? There are many creative ways to do so!

For example, does your son or daughter love to sing? Maybe you should consider taking voice lessons together. There is nothing like sharing a learning experience with your young one.

So often we tell them that they are the ones who need to learn and develop. However, when they see that you are still educating yourself, they will understand that learning does not stop with age. Soon you will see your child take learning more seriously.

A Practice Schedule

Talk to your talented child, and find a pro vocal school that offers duo lessons. Duro lessons are vocal classes that are taught in pairs. This would be a great way for your to learn with your young one. They will be able to understand that there  are always opportunities to learn, no matter what age they are. Your voices will not only grow and flourish, but so will your relationship.

Furthermore, the bonding goes beyond the classroom walls. You and your child will have to create a practice schedule.  This means you will have at least 45 minutes of quality one-on-one time together everyday.  That’s a valuable asset in New York city’s turbulent urban crawl. Imagine being able to slow down for a moment in order to strengthen the bond between you and your child.

Let your child be the instructor during practice time. We, as humans, retain the majority of what we are taught by teaching it to others. Play music school with your young one. Let them play the teacher while you are the student. This way they will be able to go over what they learned in class that week and cement it in their memory!

Taking vocal lessons with your child will be so much fun! It will also create lasting memories and a love of music. What are you waiting for?