For Your Singing Lessons Bring:

Each student of The Vocal Workout Singing School is responsible for bringing a notebook, water and a recorder or smartphone to record each lesson, vocals, and warm-ups. Our Singing Lesson Policies are designed for efficiency and to allow our students to achieve their best voice.

We expect all students to come prepared to every session. This allows for efficient and fulfilling learning. Students should practice throughout the week in order to keep their vocals fresh and active in order to achieve their singing goals. Our singing lesson policies apply to the following lesson packages: Online Singing Lessons, Beginner Singing Lessons, Intermediate Singing Lessons, or Advanced Singing Lessons.

Notice for Singing Lesson Bookings

The Vocal Workout Singing School has a 24-hour cancellation policy. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. We have a cancellation fee of the full lesson for every class canceled in under the 24-hr time frame. Each student is allowed one sick day, and two travel cancels per semester.

All lesson and package purchases are non-refundable, non-transferable, and expire at the end of each semester at the Vocal Workout Singing School and at all Vocal Workout locations.

At Vocal Workout Singing School, we have a policy of trust. We trust that everyone is fair in following all of our rules to make their singing lesson experience work to improve their voice.

Singing Lesson Etiquette

At The Vocal Workout Singing School, we have a fifteen minute grace period for teachers beginning a lesson. This is to be observed as necessary, determined by The Vocal Workout teachers.

The Vocal Workout Singing School allows teacher substitutes for private lessons. This is non-negotiable and can occur up to 2 times per semester.  A conference call with the regular teacher can be requested to follow up with questions or homework projects.

We expect all students to observe all Vocal Workout Singing Lessons Policies at each and every lesson.

If a client does not follow our singing lessons policies, Vocal Workout can dismiss them from the school and end their semester of study.

To make an appointment for a private singing lesson, online singing lesson, or group singing lesson, give us a call today at (212) 229-7788 or send us an e-mail at