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Class at Vocal Workout offers a wide range of voice sessions – voice coaching, voice yoga, and pro songwriting lessons designed for you in our signature Vocal Workout Method.  You can reach the potential within. Offered in private, online or group session, we offer a variety of options to fit your goals. We cultivate radio-ready artistry and bring out your chakra-based unique voiceprint.

This acclaimed holistic voice technique is taught in a series of interlocking methods. The warm-up exercises have been tested and designed for a professional career. Vocal Workout Method trains a singer to craft the essence of an authentic sound. We specialize in vocal training that will last a lifetime.


At all levels, our tiered learning system is all about pushing you towards your best voice. We customize your experience with exercises that are designed to shape your individual voiceprint. Our curriculum is designed to elevate you to the next level, no matter your singing background.

Read below to discover different voice disciplines within the Vocal Workout Method. We are on a mission to craft voices – spectacularly. 

Singing Lessons

Our Beginner Singing Classes are designed for the new singer who will focus on the narrative and joy of singing. We’ll study the basics of breath control, posture, and dynamics until a student feels confident with their vocal control.

Our Intermediate Singing Classes bring a level of voice agility and elevated technique to the foundation created above. The breath control is more finessed, posture and dynamics become natural.

Our Advanced Singing Classes are private and by invitation only. To enroll in the advanced level, the exclusive teaching staff must see the progress of a client and welcome them to this specialized area of study.

Songwriting Lessons

Our Songwriting Lessons are led by our award-winning vocal coaches and by top industry songwriters. Our songwriting lessons teach singers to show cleverness, freedom, and authenticity in their songwriting, while creating a thread between your tunes and your vocal artistic brand.

Yoga Lessons for Voice

Our Voice Yoga lessons are a must for singers who want to strengthen breath control and vocal tone through yoga-style movements. Our Voice Yoga is accessible for all singers from every level of study. Through this class, singer will boost physical strength and stamina to increase your ability to sing with more control.

Vocal Lessons – Master Classes

Vocal Master Classes are a specialized series of one and two day workshops online for clients to learn on a top-tier level. Vocal Master Classes are an opportunity to explore a vocal style in order to improve one’s singing mastery. Our classes are designed to help expand your vocal capabilities. We offer vocal master classes with celebrity guests hosted by Vocal Workout Singing School.

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