Advanced Singing Lessons in NYC

Vocal Work’s Advanced Singing Lessons are now offered online, as well as in our NYC and LA studios. These are the most challenging lessons The Vocal Workout Singing School offers. These lessons are designed to help seasoned professionals maintain their expert-level skills. Our methods in Advanced Singing Lessons will also help with improved vocal tone. Advanced Singing Lessons go hand in hand with our mission to build exceptional voice techniques. They help to maintain breath control while under pressure and during stage movement in a performance setting. Our Advanced Singing Lessons have been taken by esteemed musicians, and they help our students prepare for auditions beyond college and far into their future. These lessons will also assist in perfecting stage presence and harnessing your unique musical style.

Advanced Singing Lessons bring out the best musician, vocalist, and entertainer in each of our students. The Vocal Workout Method is a cumulative technique system. We appreciate the unique story and artistry of each of our clients, and it is a sacred mission for us to prepare and present their singing talent to an audience.

Vocal Techniques in Advanced Singing Lessons

Vocal Techniques in Advanced Singing Lessons

Advanced Singing Lessons are about being independently powerful in the techniques that you’ve learned in your intermediate lessons. These classes will help you develop cohesion in your voice along with agility and speed beyond the beginner level. You will also begin to consider phrasing and your execution of full songs on a different level. Many of our students are professionals from all around the world who have moved to NYC or LA and are continuing their ongoing vocal training.

You will also begin to learn singing techniques for recording in a studio and performing live. This includes gaining the proper skills in order to pursue our songwriting seminars offered each semester in our New York City Studio Location at The Vocal Workout Singing School.

During our advanced vocal lessons, you’ll find a wider vocal range that can be strengthened through our breath yoga singing classes. Many beginner singing students often struggle with expanding their range, but once they enter our intermediate singing lesson program, they are pleasantly surprised to hear their vocal range increase over time.