Beginner singing lessons are ideal for singers who want to start on the technical work in their voice and are new to the benefit of vocal lessons. The Vocal Workout will assist them in eliminating vocal issues and move the student into becoming proficient in a selected genre. We are proud to say that our clients show improvement in so many different areas including vocal range, confidence, pitch, style, and singing technique.

woman coaching a male vocalist or singer

Singing Lessons – The VW Method

The Vocal Workout understands that and empathizes with what you may be facing as a fresh, new vocalist. The beginner vocal lessons will set up the foundation to discover and achieve your singing over time. The beginner lessons are a first step to becoming a unique singer. No matter what age you are, how long you’ve been singing, how many fans and shows you have experienced, the Vocal Workout has a home for you and the vocal coaches to shine a light on your greatest attributes. The beginner’s course will help the vocalist gain a new sense of voice technique so that they can achieve stamina and become the singer they want to be.

Define Your Tone

Beginner level vocal lessons are about being independently powerful in the techniques that you’ve learned in your consultation session. These classes will help you develop cohesion in your voice along with agility and speed at the starting level. You will also begin to consider phrasing and your execution of full songs. Many of our students are professionals and VIPs from around the world who have moved out of NYC or LA and are virtually scheduling their ongoing vocal training with a VW Coach Live 1 on 1 Instructor – online.

Singing Lessons – Beginner level

Beginner singing lessons will help you to get going with vocal breath and placement control, choose from a 30 or a 45-minute class in Method and Repertoire or a full private singing class in Repertoire only. In a Vocal Workout Method session, we will focus on 3 different sections; our Method Singing Technique, the VW signature Improv call/response and repertoire development. You will have a balanced lesson that explores all the different areas that will help you to succeed.  In the Vocal Workout Repertoire session, we will focus on building memory and stamina to sing the songs that you learn to master.  Repertoire lesson will focus on cadence, rhythm dynamics and song phrasing.  Your instructor will design the perfect program for you after your initial 45-minute complimentary consultation.  Available Online and in our studio.