Songwriting Classes by the Vocal Workout Method

We offer students an expansion of the school’s philosophies to find the power of the voice within.

Through guidance, you learn how to maximize your word choice, tighten your lyrics, and write clear and relatable songs. We help you develop techniques to identify the expressions and emotions within your heart just waiting to be released! We understand that to diversify artistry, students need to be given the tools to be confident in their singing and writing skills. Similar to how our voices can improve through volume, melodic, and rhythmic techniques, songwriting can greatly improve when students understand the foundation and guidelines of songwriting.

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Divinity Roxx: Meet Your Bass Legend Coach

Divinity Roxx: Grammy-nominated musician, bass legend, and Musical Director for Beyoncé. Her passion for composition combined with her lyrical prowess and electrifying stage presence captivates audiences worldwide. She’s worked with countless artists like Jay-Z, Nona Hendryx, Will.I.Am, Erykah Badu, Patti Labelle, Ledisi, and Gladys Knight and appeared in television shows including The Grammys, Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America, The Arsenio Hall Show, Ellen, and The American Music Awards. In the Vocal Workout Method Songwriting Approach, Learn the power of archetypes, metaphors and descriptive language. When she’s not performing, directing, or writing, she’s teaching the next generation of legends.

A Songwriting Journey
Private lessons to find power in the pen.

Build a songwriting foundation by learning to ask the questions; knowing the art of repetition, and the subject of a song. You will elevate your creative aptitude and use the authentic songwriting flow to expand a point of view.

Songwriting takes written language and applies it to the melodies of life. Like singing, songwriting is used to express the honest and raw feelings you’re sometimes unable to say — it’s a form of knowing one can relate to at the core. It’s knowing a mind, body and spirit craft that brings one closer to true expression.

Vocal Workout songwriting classes can illuminate what an artist wants to say. Access the power of world-class songwriting seminars from your laptop anywhere in the world.