Voice Yoga To Align Your Body, Mind and Spirit Through Yoga Methodology

Voice Yoga – Voice box yoga is a training method developed by ILana Martin. Set with a traditional Hatha, or “sun salutation” flow, this workout uses the same twelve basic warm-up movements of yoga. You will focus on deep breathing in order to develop a circular breathing technique. These voice yoga classes are easy for all levels of singing movement with modifications offered for those who have physical limitations.

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Voice Yoga is one of the most holistic approaches to singing.

The Hatha style of yoga emphasizes physical exercises in order to master breath control, improve belting and strengthen the body. The Vocal Workout Singing School believes that the deep breathing exercises within the hatha yoga style help the singer to achieve deeper breathing which allows them to perform physical activities such as dancing while they are singing. We further believe that by taking voice yoga it will allow better posture, which is one of the pivotal foundations to deepening your breath and achieving a richer tone.

Voice yoga will help to gain the strength and stamina to sing powerfully.

Voice box yoga – The voice yoga flow was developed to train the vocal muscles with the targeted intention of the diaphragm, abdominals, arms, and lungs.During your yoga flow, you will sing a series of scales, as well as perform different “breath songs” while harnessing the breath then releasing it to the rhythm of the music. This flow gives the singer the ability to learn to sing well while doing a challenging core strengthening workout.

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What are Voice Yoga Breath Songs?

“Breath Songs” is a type of vocal yoga that teaches those who practice vocal tone ability and breath control. which are warm-ups that focus on different breathing techniques by mixing shallow and deep breathing. These warm-ups combine buzzing your lips, making a hard “shh” or “tuh” sound, or making a crisp “cuh” or “vuh” sound. By making these sounds within the warm-up, improve your diction, increase breath control, belting, and tone.