Artist Spotlight: Natalie Cole

Feb 22, 2016

Natalie Cole, who tragically passed away on New Year’s Eve, was recognized in a 45 second clip at the end of the “In Memoriam” segment of the 58th Grammy Awards. This segment left many questioning, was that enough? With 21 Grammy nominations and 9 wins, was she not deserving of a musical tribute similar to that of David Bowie or BB King? Her family seems to think so. Sisters Timolin and Casey Cole told Page Six, “It’s very bittersweet. We were hoping that there will be some sort of tribute to her fitting of her artistry and stature. […] She was such a force in the music industry and she transcended genres…She should be recognized for the impact she has had.” Producer Ken Ehrlich stood behind his decision about the tribute, even mentioning that he approved the idea with the family before the show aired.


This is not to say that the video segment was not touching for all of us viewers Monday night.  For a person of such artistry and talent, we just wonder why there was no extra love in store for Natalie Cole. Her family, among many fans, believe the tribute minimized her expansive legacy. Was it a matter of star power? Who decides what kind of tribute each artist deserves? Regardless of how she was remembered at the Grammy’s this year, her impact in the music world will not stop here. Natalie Cole will be long remembered in the music industry and within our own studios, as she is truly an “Unforgettable” star.