Teaching to the Mind Body Spirit

Dec 24, 2020

As a holistic voice practice, teaching someone empathyspiritual growth and physical voice technique can be a daunting yet exciting adventure! Teaching the mind, body and spirit discipline simultaneously has to do with finding the balance between each of these aspects and bringing awareness to the student.

Each client has their own strengths and weaknesses naturally: some are physically active, while others are very mentally disciplined or spiritually adventurous. They find their own common balance within the method and it’s techniques, as they explore the different options for growth and strength. Their voice benefits as a result of attention to all 3 parts.

I, as a teacher have enjoyed seeing my apprentices and fellow teachers grow their own clientele and rosters with adventuresome and exciting new mantras, analogies and methods.

vocal workout singing school growth and strength

Some analogies that relate to the movement of the body, as it associates with the mental discipline of finding one’s zen. As acoustic science is the base of our method, we have several exercises and ways of teaching modalities across mind/body/spirit, and integrating the three parts into a whole. Soon, the new person emerges more confident, focused and calm.

We really LOVE the results that we find as we approach each and every voice with care, sophistication and our well worn time-tested set of techniques, examples, and exercises. The overall approach brings superior results to the singing voice. Eventually, clients begin galvanizing self-motivation and keeping their own practice active, healthy and whole.

We’ve recently begun a songwriting celebrity with songwriting specialist, Divinity Roxx — musical director and bass player for Beyoncé and many others. In working with a list of artists and their teams, we are on the cutting edge of teaching all necessary and helpful modules for maintaining ultimate vocal health and growth. It is is very fun to watch as younger students, as young as nine years old, take a hold of our method with excitement, and find meaning to the mind and spirit principles of what their bodies are doing.