The Secret to Growing Your Voice

Jan 30, 2015

Perhaps your traditionalist voice teacher isn’t clued into this secret, and maybe you haven’t found the right teacher yet…!

Vocal Workout coaches are masters of uncovering the secret to growing your voice with you, helping you to develop the technical chops to sing like a pro while giving you the confidence to champion your “signature sound.”

The secret to truly growing your voice lies in embracing its uniqueness, its beauty and its originality. The sooner you acknowledge the miracle of your voice is uniquely yours – and that there is no other person in the world with your exact “voiceprint” – the sooner you can unleash your vocal potential. Traditional vocal training tells us that we ought to aspire to sound like some of the great voices that have come before us, but that we will never really measure up, though we may try for years to get there. Traditional voice teachers encourage us to idolize the voices we grew up admiring, rather than to accept inspiration from those artists in order to create our own music careers.

At The Vocal Workout, we use a “whole”istic approach to the voice, encompassing the mind-body-spirit connection in every lesson, leading you to discover this secret for yourself. Always be-YOU-tiful, Vocal Workoutees!