Vocal Journey

Sheridan Gates is a student of Vocal Workout. Witness her vocal journey, from beginner, to professional in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sheridan’s Vocal Journey

Sherdian Gates:


location : Nashville, tn
level : advanced
genre : country, blues
classes taken : beginning, group, online

“Some quote here from Sheridan 

-Sheridan Gates

Sheridan Gates first met us at Vocal Workout on her college year of discovery after leaving her hometown in Princeton, New Jersey. She experienced immediate improved voice control and began to flourish. Her voice was remarkable. Her songwriting classes and singing lessons at The Vocal Workout emboldened her to move from New York City to Nashville. She met the love of her life and is now successfully touring the USA with her country music band.

These are sentiments from Sheridan after her first Vocal Workout Singing Lesson. The power and effortless sound she uncovered after doing some of our breath work yoga was essential in discovering Sheridan’s true sound. Craftman technique design helped her further that discovery over the next three years. Sheridan is now a devotee of our method and a successful independent artist.

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