The Voice Season – Will it Eclipse American Idol?

Mar 18, 2015

American Idol, the hit show competing with The Voice Season 8, which began it’s incredible 8th season this February, is now in finals and the contestants are preparing for their Spring and Summer performances across the country.  This phenomenon of pop aesthetic with regard to radio formatted music is a great American experiment, keeping the struggling global music industry alive during its transition to the new Digital Age of media. The Awards shows each season on Primetime TV have grown in scope, as the formats evolved into a stair-step of opportunity and influence for each of the hopeful singers. The new winners, each season, buffered and highlighted by many of the music’s best known and highest paid talent, will be sure to entertain.

Method Singing

New York City’s top vocal coaches have long been an integral part of the vocal music landscape on TV. As the method of singing technique improves overall, NYC’s best voice coaching experts, often using the method named The Vocal Workout, aid singers and their families in navigating the enticing auditioning landscaped in the Tri-state area. Most often, the amateur voice has private vocal lessons and training years before competing at the level of contestant. Most all of the future singing sensations begin to take lessons well before the opening audition rounds reach your television set.  Hence, the vocal skill bar on both shows is at the highest level. Some of the techniques used to win competitions are discussed in this column.  Each week, we will discuss a new one of these techniques in detail.

The Shows

Failure to produce household superstars has not daunted each show’s efforts to provide a funnel to the music industry’s top leaders and producers, and both shows find themselves struggling to improve upon ever increasing talent that needs no true direction, only a shot at the fame they have come to find.  On American Idol, which season starts prior to The Voice, there were appearances by the cast of Empire, music’s greatest new sensation, and the judges table was graced with consistency from all three superstar judges: Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr., and Keith Urban.  From a vocal perspective, the melodic interpretation evidenced by the singers in this season’s Top 11 shows the power that the show has to attract top talent.  The over-production of past seasons is toned down, and the emphasis on star quality that made the show America’s #1 hit in the first place is more in the foreground. On NBC’s hit show, The Voice, the battle rounds have begun this week.  In what will prove to be an enviable fight, Pharrell Williams has his first run at the judge’s table.  In the battle round, Addicted to Love, sung by Katelyn Read and Treeva Gibson, coached by Christina Aguilera, the singing was average at best, but the effort was definitely there.  In another battle round, Elvis’ 1965 hit Hound Dog was superior, marked by camaraderie with guest judges Lionel Richie, lending expertise to the masterful performances by Kimberly Nichole and Lowell Oakley.  The battle rounds are a wonderful effort by the producers at The Voice to showcase the show differently from the competition of ABC’s American Idol, bringing opportunity for theatrics and faux indecision from all of the judges on the superstar panel, and having America think more poignantly about the vocal aspect of each performance in the process. It remains to be seen if the four hours per show per week on Primetime TV will hold for more seasons, or if American Idol or The Voice will become the show of choice for Americans.  In all, both shows have found their stride, bringing America’s new talent pools into the spotlight in a helpful, mesmerizing pop culture mix worth watching.