Why We Love SOMI

Jan 15, 2018

SOMI is a TED speaker that we absolutely can’t get enough of. Her powerful vocals and songwriting skills bring her to the top of our radar, and her involvement with TED always blows us away! With ILana Martin’s TED debut fast approaching, we can’t help but look to SOMI and admire her previous work, coming from Lagos, Nigeria all the way to our home base over in New York City. Her TED performance with Bill T. Jones and Joshua Roman back in 2015 is a stunning representation of her innovative artistic style.

“TED is an influential organization. By creating space for all of us, TED is playing a critical role normalizing diversity in fields.” – SOMI

Be sure to take a look at SOMI’s amazing project, New Africa Live, that “aims to carve out a cultural space of belonging for contemporary African artists by producing multidisciplinary arts events that entertain, educate and create awareness of the value of African culture in a globalized world.”

Also, don’t miss ILana Martin’s performance at the TEDx “Reimagine” event on Thursday January 18th at 7PM on Facebook Live.